Eddy Jean

Photographer, Male

Miami Beach, FL
United States

About Me

My name is Eddy Jean, I am from a small island in the Caribbean, I do speak French fluently and a little bit of Spanish. I joined the U.S. Navy but came out of the U.S. Air Force after a long career. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) for four(4) years, studied Fashion Design and Photography. I have worked with top modeling agencies in New York City when I lived there and I am also friends with some top models and I have done professional photography for over 20 years, having said that, I am set in my ways and I do not take directions or orders from wannabe models. I love and enjoy doing fashion photography only when I work with great and open minded people who helps me achieve the most out of my talent and as far as being creative is concerned, great work come from great team work and great models. I like to keep things simple, if you are a complicated person or like to complicate things then I am the wrong photographer for you; life is too complicated as it is.