Michael "Justice" Paskel

Model, Male

los angeles, CA
United States

6' 2" (188cm)
190Lbs (86.18kg)
Suit / Coat:
40" (102 cm)
16" (41 cm)
34" (86cm)
7 5/8 (19.4cm)
16.5" (42cm)
12 (11.5)

About Me

10 months after I was born, the infamous South Central riots (a.k.a. the Rodney King riot) erupted in my hometown of South Central Los Angeles, California. During my childhood I had encountered an environment that was filled with race wars, police brutality, assaults, arson as well as murder. I grew up in a fatherless home and eventually was separated from my mother due to her substance abuse. I was placed in various group homes from the age 0f 7 to 13. While in the group homes I had the opportunity of attending several fashion shows and was fascinated with the idea of a person being able to transform into someone else. I grew a interest in the art of modeling, I enjoyed posing in front of the camera and pretending that I was my idol Tyson Beckford. I also joined the Ultimate Modeling Management Inc. where I was taught the importance of body angels, and posture, now I plan to take the industry by storm. My name is Michael “Justice” Paskel and I am an aspiring Model.